Will Mandatory Vaccines Collapse Education Systems Worldwide?

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Houston Texas September 18, and September 19

Global mayhem is ensuing in the pharma made mandatory vaccine issue. There has been a worldwide push to mandate vaccines. Why? My guess is they now realize, thanks to Vaxxed, and the new film that is upcoming, has them in attack mode. Also, the question on what President Trump will do about this issue. They are shelling out billions to politicians to force changes in the laws pertaining to vaccination.

An article titled The global crackdown on parents who refuse vaccines for their kids has begun published in Vox Media on August 3, 2017 states:

“Punishing parents for doing things that could harm their kids is not without precedent in the US, either. For example, there are laws in various states requiring parents to use car seats or seat belts for their children or else pay a fine or be docked driver’s license points. Same goes for firearm storage laws.”

Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure! It cannot be compared to car seats and firearm storage laws.

What does this have to do with education?
  • Take California for an example. California only has a medical exemption thanks to a bill pushed through by Senator Pan with the power of the pharmaceutical companies behind him.
  • People have been leaving California in droves. The middle class is disappearing, leaving behind the poorest of the poor, and the richest of the rich.
  • California is now touting their statistics in an article published August 8, 2017 which is very worrying when read between the lines. It is obvious what step California will take next.

“Sidelinger said there are still about 800 seventh-graders who did not get their booster. The number with medical exemptions, 286, grew by nearly one percentage point.“We don’t know if that uptick is just parents whose children had a medical reason all along, but they chose to just say they preferred not to get the vaccine and now have gone to the doctor, or if these are new medical exemptions,” Sidelinger said. “But even that increase has not been very large, and we still have very good coverage.”Nearly 500 students did not get the vaccine because they are in an independent study program, homeschooled or in a special education program. Such students are exempt from the law. Independent study includes online public charter schools. KPCC reports vaccination rates are significantly lower in charter schools than in traditional public schools. Less than 74 percent of charter schools reporting their rates met the state target of having 95 percent of students vaccinated. San Diego County charter schools with online components, including Julian Charter School and the Learning Choice Academy, had vaccination rates of less than 80 percent. Traditional private schools also had lower rates.”

An article from January 8, 2016 Childhood vaccines and the murky waters of religious freedom from St. Petersburg Florida

“In 2011, Robert N. Lynch, bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, issued a letter to all pastors and principals stating that the Catholic schools of that diocese would no longer honor religious exemptions for vaccine refusal for its students.”

With Catholic Schools closing all over the country, I highly doubt they would deny a student with a medical exemption! Although, if big pharma is contributing to the schools, it just may happen.

It is time for parents to take a stand before more rights are taken away. There is a great opportunity to do just that in Houston Texas September 18, and September 19.


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  1. Homeschool…..we did, our 5 kids are grown now but it was the BEST thing we did for our family !!!! Do it….it is SIMPLE, but not always easy !!!

  2. Fines, jail time, forced issue on vaccinating has been going of for over 200 years and there have always been those who refused and fought the system on this issue. Our stand against mandatory vaccination is nothing new. We are in good company along with those who did not agree to have their freedom of choice taken from them. The past two hundred years has been cover up after cover up until very few people even realize that the anti vaccination movement is a long standing situation.

  3. Check out POLAND! The people protested so intensely the govt rescinded the mandatory! CHILLS. REMEMBER there are more of US then them!

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