How many more years will vaccine injury continue?

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As long as the VICP law stands there will not be any change in the vaccine industry.

There will be more adverse events.

There will be more infants dying.

In the following image in the third column you will see the petitioners’ award amounts for each year since 1989.

How many more are going to be injured? How many people even know of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program? You have 3 years to file after a vaccine injury. Most people often don’t connect illness, even convulsions, to vaccine injury.

Personally, I never considered that illnesses like allergy and asthma could be related to vaccines until taking a family history many years later. There is a genetic component to the risk in a number of conditions, allergies being one of them.

When you become sick with a chronic illness, or, even more disheartening, your children become sick, you as a parent are left to advocate for yourself and your child. Worse yet you will be on your own if the reaction is debilitating. Even if you file in the right time period for the injury, it has been known to take up to 8 years for compensation and you’ll need a good lawyer.

Talking about what it takes to win a case will have you second guessing if you should even attempt the journey. Many petitioners have signed confidentiality agreements, and haven’t been compensated enough for medical bills.

More people are becoming aware. Where there is risk there must be choice.

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  1. Accepting the Employers required Hepatitis B Vaccines was the start to the END OF MY BELOVED CAREER.~How trusting I was to think COMPLIANCE would be safe! -Now more than 16 years later of a reduced quality of life and disruption of health,I am hurt and bitter.Many Nurses-healers valued and gifted beings have had their former health ruined!3 years is not an appropriate window to file for compensation.Many of my colleagues now have LUPUS -R.D.-M.S.-M.E.-Fibromyalgia C’S and more.When will the abuse end.?Unable to earn income and require support services..How now can this conundrum be fixed?

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